Parts production on metal-working machines
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Metalworking is the most important area of metallurgy and all modern industry in whole. Reliability and effectiveness of metalware usage directly depend on the quality of metalworking at all production stages, that is why it is so important to find a right partner in the metalworking and metalware production market. Especially it is of great interest in the Urals, a region with developed metallurgical industry and with a huge number of factories and enterprises, including Yekaterinburg city - the capital of the Ural region, which is one of the biggest Russian centers of metalworking.

CNC precision machining in Yekaterinburg city

Metalworking is a technological process, which is performed on modern high precision NC machines by qualified specialists at the factory of "TehnoPark" Ltd., which is situated in 80 km from Yekaterinburg city. "TehnoPark" Ltd. is your reliable partner in the metalworking market of Sverdlovsk region.

Metalworking factory

"TehnoPark" Ltd. is a fast-growth company, which represents a metalworking factory, including non-ferrous machining. Our company provides a wide range of metalworking operations,in particular turning, milling (metal milling), high precision machining on NC machines. We offer CNC turning services of any complexity on Japanese Swiss-type machines "Citizen" (from 0 to 32 mm, length up to 320 mm). We are ready to consider any offers, concerning parts production you are interested in (bolts, nuts, washers, fasteners, bushes, self-driving screws, rivets, etc.) and consumable products that are highly competitive with European analogues in quality. 

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